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The Reef – Waterstones’ Distribution

Posted by Chris on January 29, 2008 at 20:47
Posted in: Book News, Conventions

Just to confirm to you all, and I’m pretty much excited about, that Mark Charan Newton’s debut novel The Reef will be receiving a mass distribution via Waterstones: a first for Pendragon (and hopefully not the last!)

Copies should be stocked in April, so hot-foot your way to your local W then and buy a copy.

The official launch is scheduled for Eastercon on the Friday night, with free wine.

Ooop North

Posted by Chris on January 25, 2008 at 20:45
Posted in: Reviews

Just a quick message to say that I shall be in York tomorrow for the British Fantasy Open Night – imbibing a few beers, and listening intently to a few well-told ghost stories (and not falling asleep, hopefully.)

Also, a new review has surfaced for New Writings in the Fantastic.

In other news, The Reef has been booked into the printer’s schedule… woo-hoo; juust need to pay for it now.

A nod or two…

Posted by Chris on January 13, 2008 at 20:29
Posted in: Awards, Book News

Call it blinkered, but it’s only just come to my attention that Lee Harris, editor/publisher of the online ‘zine Hub has produced an inaugural list of The Hub Awards for last year (though I subscribe to said ‘zine, I obviously don’t read each issue immediately.)

Anyway, in #39, Harris tips a wink for Gary McMahon’s Rough Cut in the Best Novel category (though the ultimate winner is Sarah Pinborough’s Breeding Ground, which it must be said is a very entertaining read; a gruesome horror tale, in the vein of James Herbert but also John Wyndham).

The main winner, though, is John Grant’s New Writings in the Fantastic for Best Collection (Multi-Author) and who am I too disagree with the comment, “over 40 stories, and not a filler to be seen.”

Why not spend some of that last minute Paypal cash before the credit card bill comes crashing through the door?

Back on an even keel…

Posted by Chris on January 3, 2008 at 19:27
Posted in: General

Hope everyone had a pleasant New Year and the festivities? Here’s too 2008, eh?

Anyway, normality is sort of returning to PP towers…

Received the signed bookplates for No-Man and Other Tales, with the pre-orders despatched – yours should be with you in a day or so. Thanks for your patience.

The Reef is about to be proofed ready for printing, and I’ve just started working on Triquorum III which I hope to bring out at Eastercon along with the above novel. Talking of Triquorum, a new review just appeared over at SF Crowsnest for the first instalment – praising in particular John Grant’s tale.

Oh, and a couple of high-profile reviews surfaced for New Writings in the Fantastic: both above-average write-ups in the newsstand magazines SFX and Death Ray.

Why not buy a copy to find out for yourself – that is, a copy of the book (though I’m sure the magazines would also like your cash).

Anyway, that’s it for now…