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Posted by Chris on April 29, 2008 at 19:52
Posted in: Reviews

It’s been a little while, but a couple of things have happened:

The Reef was reviewed in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago – which is terrific news:

“Newton treads new ground in his attempt to bring literary concerns to the fantasy genre. The result is a sometimes uneven path between fantastical exoticism and the more mundane aspects of the mainstream, but a path nevertheless worth taking.”

It continues to sell well at Waterstones (though I presume so since the wholesaler, Gardners, sends me new orders practically every day…)

No-Man and Other Tales has also been reviewed at Zone-SF, and again it is rather splendid:

“… living proof that Richards is getting better and better as a storyteller and a creator of well carved characters. Which is good news not only for the fans of novellas but for any lover of solid and entertaining dark fiction.”

Copies still available, and you know where to buy a copy of either – or both. :)

First Confirmed Sighting

Posted by Chris on April 4, 2008 at 19:38
Posted in: Book News, General

Way up in Glasgow, on Argyle Street, confirmed by Richard Wright.



So, there’s still time people – if you want your chance of winning a signed free copy of this book – and from the word on the street, this first printing will not only sell out fast, but will become a very collectable item.

Mind you, are there any further Waterstones stores than Glasgow? ;-)

The Reef: first review…

Posted by Chris on April 1, 2008 at 19:12
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

… and it’s a damn good one, courtesy of review-blogger, Graeme.

Not only does it pass the “train journey test” but it’s also “a more than worthy debut from an author that I’ll be looking out for in the futureā€¦”

I’ve been reliably informed that copies are on the shelves in Waterstones’ stores, but if you’d like a signed copy (of which there are only a handful left) then buy it now.

Or soon.