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PDiF likes MoM!

Posted by Chris on May 25, 2008 at 16:09
Posted in: Reviews

Courtesy of Mr Hughes, a review of At the Molehills of Madness has surfaced on the Asimov’s website, written by Paul DiFilippo – you’ll have scroll down a little, but it’s worth it!

If you crossed Franz Kafka with Thomas Ligotti and Warren Ellis—well, you’d be one sick puppy. But the result might be Rhys Hughes. [He] has the courage of his convictions, and the talent to bring it all off.

What are you waiting for? Order a copy…

Kingston to Cable – the official cover!

Posted by Chris on May 21, 2008 at 20:20
Posted in: Book News

Forthcoming later this year, the next book from Gary Greenwood – “Kingston to Cable” – a short-novel set within an alternate world, reminscent of Preacher and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series (which the author easily admits to as being the inspiration for his tale of violence, murder and religion).

Of course, I’ve not read any of the above (but I have read Greenwood’s previous, being The Dreaming Pool, The King Never Dies, What Rough Beast and Jigsaw Men – all of which excellent – plus a shared love of Sergio Leone’s “spaghetti westerns”).

Anyway, digressing… the cover is courtesy of Darius Hinks whom you may recognise from the previous Pendragon title, The Reef, and it suits the story perfectly.



Price and edition details to come…

Possible Upheaval

Posted by Chris on May 11, 2008 at 20:42
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Pendragon Towers is in the process of moving, though admittedly not too far from the current abode…

This basically means that web/e-mail access will be erratic, though hopefully I shouldn’t be too long without either – no more than a week, hopefully. :)

(Anyone know if there are any tabs I can buy to ward off any of the shakes…?)

We Fade to Grey

Posted by Chris on May 11, 2008 at 20:37
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Not only did editor-extrodinare Nicholas Royle have lovely things to say about this forthcoming Gary McMahon edited-anthology:

Gary McMahon signally fails to keep the unpleasant and horrifying tendencies of his contributors in check in this maelstrom of evil curses, sickening violence, inevitable death, bereavement and the end of the world.

But now, also Stephen Gallagher has proved it worthy of a quote:

I picked up WE FADE TO GREY last night and was kept reading way beyond any reasonable hour. As strong a collection of solid horror tales as I’ve read in a long time, and a great reminder of the unique qualities that British writers can bring to the field.

Being a huge fan of Oktober, not to mention his short-story collection Out of His Mind, his praise made me smile. :)

And you should all toddle off and buy a copy. Go on; that PPC-hardback edition is selling pretty strongly…