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FCon Aftermath

Posted by Chris on September 24, 2008 at 19:56
Posted in: Book News, Conventions

Well, it’s Wednesday evening and I’ve been home for three days… I’m glad I’ve got this week off work.

FantasyCon is always a blast; a good natured weekend of drinking, curry banter and occasional book-selling. Unfortunately, unlike previous years, I forgot my camera this time around… and because of that, my memory is hazy without the prompt of photographic evidence, therefore I shall just write a list of names who I either chatted too, or shared a drink and curry with (in no particular order):

Gary & Ly Greenwood, Marie & Paul, Martin & Helen, Vicky Cook, Steve Upham, Andrew Hook, Paul Meloy, Steve Lockley & Paul Lewis, Roy Gray, Mark & Adriana Samuels, Simon Morden, Gavin Williams, Vincent Chong, Ally Bird, Geoff Nelder, David & Rosemary Howe, Simon & Frances (all too brief considering their journey!); the Humdrummers (Troo, Lee and Guy); Terry & Liz Martin, Sam Stone, Pete & Nicky Crowther, Bob W, Mark Morris, Sarah Pinborough, Tim Lebbon, Mark Newton, “Diamond” Dai Price, Emily McMahon, and least but definitely not last: the We Fade to Grey-ers: Paul, Gary, Mark, Stuart and Simon.

There were also several more on Saturday night, where we discussed Garth Marenghi and the Large Haldron thingy.

Don’t ask.

Anyway, both Mark Samuels and Mark West have far better Con reports than I.

In other news: sorting through the stock, I sadly report that both Rough Cut and The Mask Behind the Face are now out of stock, with The Extremist and In the Rain with the Dead very low (but, you can still buy copies from various book dealers on the interweb).

Also, half the limited edition of We Fade to Grey is now sold – if you do want a copy, then be bloody quick; the first printing of the paperback edition is also low in numbers.

Finally, I’m probably be going to NewCon4 next month… if I do, say hi. :)

FCon Awaits…

Posted by Chris on September 17, 2008 at 14:56
Posted in: Book News, Conventions

Well, this Friday I shall be off to the annual shin-dig that is FantasyCon for a weekend for beer, curry, book-stuff and general tom-foolery.

There I will be launching We Fade to Grey – the paperback copies are already on-hand, with the limited hardback edition being delivered direct. Fingers crossed, Mr John Grant will be picking up the Best Anthology award for New Writings in the Fantastic….

In other news, that quick news message about Triquorum earlier can now be expanded: from henceforth, it will be closed to submissions until 1st September 2009. The next instalment – Triquorum III – will be published in October/November, and from 1st January 2009, Triquorum will become a thrice-yearly publisher of chapbooks: each story accepted will be published as a separate chapbook, printed on quality paper and at an affordable price.

For more information, visit the website, or e-mail me.

So, if you do plan on attending FCon then by all means say, “hello”. It is not a pre-requisite to buy a book, but it would be nice. :)

Rick Wright :(

Posted by Chris on September 15, 2008 at 20:23
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Rick Wright (1943-2008)

Nothing to do with Pendragon Press, but being a major Pink Floyd fan this is a truly sad day.

Seeing him, David Gilmour and Nick Mason live in Earls Court 1993 remains a genuinely remarkable experience – and I just hope he and Syd Barrett are not so much resting in peace but jamming along in the Greatest Gig in the Sky, with support from Keith Moon on drums and Jimi Hendix on guitar.

We Fade to Grey – first review!

Posted by Chris on September 1, 2008 at 20:24
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

Hot off the press, so to speak… courtesy of Horrorworld and by Mario Guslandi – you need to scroll down slightly, and, well, I cannot say much more just why not pre-order it and discover the book for yourself?