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Before Cthulhumas…

Posted by Chris on December 18, 2008 at 21:07
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… a term which I’ve seen sprinkled across the interweb (notably on Gary Greenwood’s blog and PS’s new-site) I’ve just realised that the BFS are inviting recommendations for the award’s long-list next year – from now until end of January 2009. Such recommendations are open, but only members of the society and/or FantasyCon can actually vote.

Therefore, in an attempt at self-promotion, the following Pendragon titles are eligible for recommendation:

Best Novel (the August Derleth Award)
The Reef by Mark Charan Newton

Best Short Fiction
Late Runners by Gary McMahon
Nothing is Forever by Stuart Young

Best Novella
Gingerbread by Paul Finch and Brian Finch
The Mill by Mark West
Heads by Gary McMahon
Bliss by Stuart Young
The Narrows by Simon Bestwick
The Pumping Station by Paul Finch

Best Anthology

We Fade to Grey ed. Gary McMahon
Gingerbread: The Fantasy2008 Pendragon Sampler ed. Christopher C Teague

Best Artist
Darius Hicks
Mark West

Best Small Press

Looking at this list, it does seem like I’m a fully paid-up member of the Finch/McMahon/Young fan-club but hey! I can’t help but use writers I like. :)

Anyway, I’d be pretty damn ecstatic if The Reef and We Fade to Grey win their respective awards… but the field is pretty damn open this year…

In other news, visited the Big Smoke earlier this month for the BFS Christmas Open Night and had a blast – as usual; took a couple of shots, though not a lot since I neglected to bring any spare batteries:





Also met a few bods from the SFX Forum which was an unexpected surprise.

Anyway, enough for now… have a splendid festivities – regardless of your indoctrination – and I shall see you back you in January with Triquorum all rearing to go…


Posted by Chris on December 2, 2008 at 21:31
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… I ain’t dead, just taking a break.

2009 will see no planned publications from Pendragon Press, though I will continue with the proposed series of Triquorum chapbooks. This decision hasn’t been easy, and is far from being a reflection on the current state of publishing, but more a reflection on my own level of energy and enthusiasm – my hat goes off to all the other small presses out there run by people with families and more often than not full-time jobs such has myself: how do you do it? I’m spent, and want to try something else, maybe even a bit more writing (a story in a forthcoming ebook from Screaming Dreams has risen the muse from the grave, plus I’ve neglected Triquorum for too long now with a string of bloody good stories waiting, patiently…)

I shall continue to sell the back-stock as per usual, and attend conventions (EasterCon and FantasyCon are already marker’d into my diary) so I’m not going to disappear – well, unless I find a big enough wardrobe.

The Pendragon schedule shall resume in 2010 – my tenth-anniversary in publishing – with what could be said as a re-launch to coincide with Brighton Shock! not to mention a wealth of bloody good books!

If anyone is down London-way this Friday then come and say “hola” at the British Fantasy Open Night – and I may even allow you to buy me a beer. :)

In other news, the paperback edition of We Fade to Grey has sold out – a reprint is on it’s way, due in the New Year – to compensate, and until Christmas, then anyone who orders the hardback edition will also receive a copy of New Writings in the Fantastic (and a “subscription” to the first 3 Triquorum chapbooks). Generous, moi? More-like cuttin’ me own throat… and only a couple of weeks left.

Lastly, this message was brought to you with Barry Adamson‘s Stranger on the Sofa: a damn fine album.

If I do not post before the end of the year, then have a splendid time regardless of socio-religious background – and hopefully see one or two of your on Friday.