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Posted by Chris on January 19, 2009 at 21:52
Posted in: Book News, General

When I started Triquorum, Paul Finch sent me a novelette that he had written with his father Brian Finch. I accepted and sat on the tale – rightly enough, Paul queried and I told him that running both PP and Triq just wasn’t working out (which meant that my time was concentrated on PP). Anyway, Paul’s dad sadly died and naturally he was very keen to see this in print sooner rather than later, therefore I hit upon the idea of producing a giveaway chapbook to coincide with FantasyCon – 50 copies were made available last year, and all went within a matter of minutes; this chapbook also contains a short story from Gary McMahon and Stuart Young: if you were lucky enough to pick up a copy, then I’d hold onto it – myself, Paul, Gary and Stuart only have one copy each ourselves.

Anyway, lately a couple of comments have surfaced on the Interweb about this story and it’s availability. I broached the subject with Paul and thankfully he has agreed to have it made available has a free-to-download PDF file (right click and “Save as…”)

Please remember that this file is still copyright, and should be not amended nor distributed – though you are free to make a paper-copy to make ease of reading.

Anyway, hope you enjoy…

New plug for New Writings

Posted by Chris on January 5, 2009 at 22:07
Posted in: Book News

Just heard from Paul Bates – a contributor to John Grant’s New Writings in the Fantastic – to say that Ellen Datlow has given the anthology a pluggish mention within her introduction to the Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2008 citing Mr Bates’ story in particular.

To celebrate, the offer in this post is still open: two top-class books for £15 plus three chapbooks (when published) of top-quality new fiction, from three new writers.

As Mrs Doyle would say, “Go on, go on…” :)