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Brighton Rocks!

Posted by Chris on March 29, 2010 at 20:46
Posted in: Conventions, General

He says, despite a slap to the forehead for writing such an awful-pun-title.

Despite a number of panics prior to travelling on Thursday – and we’re not talking little quibbles here, but quite major problems which would’ve meant neither myself nor Steve Upham attending (unable to find my driver’s licence on the Monday, mis-placing the hotel reservation details…) – I picked up Steve bright and early, packed the car, and trundled off from the damp and grey South Wales valleys to the, erm slightly less damp and grey and windier Brighton sea-front.

We actually did get lost, well, only a tiny bit when I went into the wrong lane and ended up driving out of Brighton again…

Anyway, parked up and unloaded the books – a situation made a helluva lot easier due to a little sack-truck I picked up. Checking into an okay-ish twin room, we made our way down to the labyrinthian basement level and awaited the hordes of eager book buyers… and waited… and waited…

Suffice to say, the weekend’s sales were slow – and never really picked up. Though thankful to all whom purchased, it was a slight disappointment.

But, I loved the weekend – but then, I do love these drunken weekends away, when you spend twenty-odd hours of the day stuck in a hotel. And they say those detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure have more fresh air than beleaguered book dealers… does make you wonder why we do it?

Since I didn’t have a more compact camera, there is a distinct lack of photographic evidence. Nevertheless, a breakdown of events – mainly at night, where some of you may detect a pattern:

Guinness… and a refreshingly different Indonesian meal with Steve and Vincent Chong, laughs… much banter…

Guinness… far too much Guinness (due to the free bar courtesy of Heather Graham) and much laughter and frivolity.

the Stoker’s banquet – in a chippy. Well, kudos for being original but frankly my local delivers a far heartier meal for a fraction of the cost – and a note to the restaurant: by all means offer a vegetarian option, but insofar has I am aware, pototoes are a vegetable so why not offer chips with the noodles? Anyway, the fish was lovely, and the Elvira video was a good laugh (sorry Ms Le Blanc…) Returned to the hotel for more Guinness…

the quiet night: went for a steak with Martin Roberts and Helen Hopley, along with Dai Price and John Travis (if you’re in Brighton, I can recommend The Sussex pub – good food, beer, and a rather attractive lady behind the bar…) Upon return to the hotel, Mr Paul Campbell took it upon himself to rally all the disparite groups of dead-doggers into the main lounge, of which was an inspired move and where we wiled away the last remaining hours of a great convention and weekend – if you get the chance, ask John Travis about Arnie and Paul Daniels sharing a caravan.

Thanks, of course, to Mssrs Jones & Smith and Amanda Forbister plus all the rest behind the scenes for making a convention with only one or two minor – we’re talking very minor – gripes.

Hello to in no semblance of order: Martin & Helen; Gary & Emily; Paul & Marie; Brendan & Clare; Vinny; the two Ian’s & Helen; Dai; Paul F; Andrew Hook; Ian Martin; David Howe & Sam Stone; Stephen Bacon; Charles Black; Ray Russell; Ally; Simon Maginn and John Brown (David Thacker); Matt Curran; Steve L & Gail; Steve S; Mark Deniz; Jon Oliver; Stu, Mark and Gwilym; Whisperin’ John, Billy & Big John; Gary Slaymaker; and probably a whole host of people whom I spoke to over a rather manic three days…

The problem with these weekends is that they’re few and far between, but in a way my wallet is thankful for that.

Here’s to Fantasycon, and possibly, maybe, Austin next year…

Silversands and Feral Companions have landed!

Posted by Chris on March 22, 2010 at 20:45
Posted in: Conventions, General

With myself, and in Bristol with Silversands. :)

Can’t believe I’m going to Brighton tomorrow… if neither myself nor Steve Upham turn up at the hotel by midnight, then we’re either lost or sucked into a time-portal on the M25.

Anyone wishing to give me odds on the latter?

Things to do in Brighton… #24

Posted by Chris on March 15, 2010 at 20:38
Posted in: Conventions, General

T-Minus just under three weeks…

Posted by Chris on March 6, 2010 at 20:55
Posted in: Conventions, General

… ’til the first World Horror Convention in Brighton, and apart from the fact it’s costing a small fortune to attend (that fish ‘n chips Stoker banquet had better be worth it…) I’m thoroughly looking forward to it, having crossed the ‘lantic twice before for the event’s in Chicago (’02) and Toronto (’08).

Sharing dealer-space with Screaming Dreams, Pendragon’ll be launching Feral Companions during the weekend along with the first in a series of chapbooks entitled The Red House – if you pop along to the Books page, you’ll notice the respective icons, plus an additional bundle offer: both Feral and Silversands can be yours for £15 along with a copy of The Red House.

This new series of chapbooks will be in place of Triquorum – for the time being. The latter is closed to submissions, with all accepted stories thus far being slotted into place within the schedule.

I do hope to re-open Triquorum at some point, but only until I decide on what it should publish and how.

I’ll probably post once more before the Convention, but if I do not then hope to see you there, whether it be milling around the dealer’s room or at the bar – if I’m not in either, then I’m in bed, suffering with lack of sleep and too much alcohol. And that’s just on the first day…

EDIT: … and here’s the Facebook page for the Pendragon/SD party.

Plus, the now official Silversands’ launch event page.