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Silversands: a review and a launch

Posted by Chris on April 19, 2010 at 18:27
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

First up, another review of Silversands has surfaced:

“… a satisfying and enjoyable read… ll be keeping my eyes out for more work by Mr Powell.”

Also, don’t forget the official launch this Saturday at the Shakespeare Tavern in Bristol at 2pm. There will be free wine, a reading and copies to buy.

Mind you, personally I’ll be foregoing the wine and drinking Speckled Hen!

EDIT: Well, well, well… didn’t the launch go well? Within the compact, yet bijou room of the Shakespeare Tavern, a pleasant enough afternoon was spent (though the appearance of hen-nighters earlier did give visions of them gate-crashing the event…) Gareth read from the book, which Cheryl Morgan kindly video’d and uploaded, and thankfully a few copies were sold – no doubt helped by the free wine. :)

As an off-shoot of this, something new could well be making it’s way…

Anyway, here are some photographs from the day:

Silversands: first review

Posted by Chris on April 13, 2010 at 9:31
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

A succinct yet splendid review in The Guardian where Eric Brown hails it:

“… a fine hi-tech romp…”

In other news, now that the publication date has lapsed the price returns to the RRP – and also the Feral/Silversands bundle has also increased slightly. Free postage still stands, though…

Don’t forget: if you’re in Bristol on 24th April then pop along to the official Launch at The Shakespeare Tavern on Prince Street.

… and still progressing through the postal orders…

Feral Companions: first review

Posted by Chris on April 9, 2010 at 18:31
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

Courtesy of the esteemed Peter Tennent in the current issue of Black Static.

On Simon Maginn’s Rattus:

“… a painstaking account of somebody‚Äôs life and mental health going down the crapper… [with] an ending that is subtle and suggestive […] and all the more powerful for that.”

On Gary Fry’s The Invisible Architect of Psychopathy:

“… reads like a fusion of Crime and Punishment and Walter Mitty… a polished performance from a writer who is growing in stature with each new outing.”

Remember: one day left to order the Feral/Silversands bundle before the slight price increase….

In da loop…

Posted by Chris on April 8, 2010 at 20:04
Posted in: Book News, General

Though not has quickly as I like, orders are being packed and despatched…. blame work, and my printer running out of ink (my handwriting is seriously bad, and if I handwrote address labels the resulting package would probably end up in some sorting office at the far-reaches of the Universe.)

In other news: you have two days to take advantage of the special “pre-order” rate for Silversands. Once the 10th April swings ’round, this price will become void – and consequently, the special Feral/Silversands bundle offer will also increase slightly.

Mind you, the free postage offer still stands for any book/order.

Finally, have you signed up for the PendragoNews mailing? If not, then add your e-mail address to the box on the right… from this month, and every month, I will be rewarding one random subscriber with a free book of their choosing.

April Fools?

Posted by Chris on April 1, 2010 at 20:29
Posted in: General

Could well be, on my part, but no this is serious: from now until my sanity returns, all orders – regardless of size and location – will be shipped free of charge.

Nurse, my tablets!