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Posted by Chris on August 31, 2010 at 14:44
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If you’re like to know more, and you’ve got time to attend, then here’s a little Ad:

FCon Publication Update

Posted by Chris on August 4, 2010 at 7:42
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With a scant month to go, the original big launch at the FantasyCon weekend was to be Gary Greenwood’s Kingston to Cable – after some deliberation due in no small part to financial constrants, this will be now pushed forward into October which frees up space and resources to reduce the Triquorum publication pile. Not sure if anyone remembers, but I’ve decided to turn each individual acceptance into a single chapbook publication, and come September you will be able to check out Simon Bestwick’s Angel of the Silences along with The Legend of False Dreaming by Toiya Kristen Finlay.

Apart from those two, I’ve also brought forward Terry Grimwood’s debut novella The Places Between which I’ve been meaning to publish for ages – not just for the story, but also the superb cover art by Ben Baldwin (click on the thumbnail for the full-size):

Pre-ordering details will be added swiftly.

In addition, the winner of the July free book giveaway is Tara Noble also from across the Pond – she wins a copy of Feral Companions; at the end of this month, one lucky winner will receive a copy of New Writings in the Fantastic.

On a closing note, and something which I briefly touched upon earlier, it must be said this year so far has been tough; always thankful to all the loyal customers who have continued to purchase books. Despite these tough times, I am looking to the future and with a little luck October will see one or two changes – moreso in an effort to offer more for your hard-earned.

If you’re reading this, and you have any comments or insights into what you would like to read, then please do get in touch: always welcome feedback, since it does feel at times to be working within a vacuum, with little interaction apart from the occasional Convention.

Anyway, enough of my warbling; keep checking the site, and if you are at FCon then tap me on the shoulder and if I’m close to the bar then I’ll buy you a drink (of course, if a hundred of you turn up then I may have to ration it slightly…)

(By the way, been meaning to add this… Pendragon Press does have a group page on Facebook, if you’re interested of course!)