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Post-FCon 2010

Posted by Chris on October 1, 2010 at 20:24
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General, Reviews

The annual shin-dig in Nottingham for all fans of the fantastic has been and gone; a pilgrimage of drunken nonsense, curry and books. There are more than enough reportages on the interweb from those who attended, most if not all I’ve come across all say the same thing: great weekend, too much to drink, not enough sleep… here’s to next year.

Doesn’t take a genius to know that the current financial status quo has taken hold, but thankfully I did manage to sell a few books – a heartfelt thanks to you, one and all! :)

In other news, apologies to all who have pre-ordered Angels of the Silences and The Legend of False Dreaming – alas, the printer I was going to use has fallen so I’m looking elsewhere and with luck copies should be available very soon. In actual fact, one idea I am contemplating is taking this process in-house so to speak…

Between last posting, a couple of reviews have surfaced – most notably, Des Lewis’ “real-time review” of Terry Grimwood’s The Places Between – unfortunately, I cannot easily take quotes from it so you’ll need to read it in full!

In addition, M F W Curran has posted a review of Gareth L Powell’s Silversands:

“… [A] thoroughly accomplished piece of writing… sits proudly on my bookshelf with other acclaimed genre authors (Dick, Bradbury, Baxter, Banks etc)… And you know, Gareth L. Powell doesn’t look out of place amongst them.”

That’s it for now… back to the process of publishing, with Kingston to Cable lined-up for publication very soon.