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Goodbye 2010…

Posted by Chris on December 31, 2010 at 16:51
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I make no apologies for being an Abba fan:

Spirit of Christmas Future: The Results!

Posted by Chris on December 26, 2010 at 13:42
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In my best Simon Cowell voice, two lucky subscribers were plucked randomly from the list (via www.random.org) earlier today and I have sent an e-mail to notify them. I shall wait 48 hours then either a) publish their names for all to see; or, b) re-run the selection due to lack of response.

Thank you all, old and new subscribers, and I shall now return to the festivities.

EDIT: Well, two e-mail addresses were randomly chosen and two e-mails sent… and two days (and a bit more has passed) and no reply. Well, apart from one bouncing back due to a full inbox, therefore the competition is to be re-drawn…

EDIT: … and one winner so far; will wait another day, and if there is no other reply then another e-mail address will be randomly selected.

Three days ’til Spirit of Christmas Future…

Posted by Chris on December 21, 2010 at 17:52
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The countdown begins…

Sign up on the right, and you (and you too) could win every single book published by Pendragon next year which probably equates to close on fifty quid (give or take a couple of pennies and shekels).

Spirit of Christmas Future

Posted by Chris on December 9, 2010 at 19:48
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On Christmas Eve in a scant two weeks times, I will be drawing two names from the list of Pendragon subscribers. These two lucky lucky so and so’s will receive not one, not two… but every Pendragon title published next year, which equates to at least four books: gratis.

The schedule at the moment looks like this:

The long-awaited release of Gary Greenwood’s Kingston to Cable, which Mr Greenwood has been waiting for as long as Hadrian to see; popCult! by David Barnett, a novel due at Eastercon; Volume One of Visions Fading Fast, the second anthology edited by Gary McMahon and features stories from Reggie Oliver, Kaaron Warren, Paul Meloy, Joel Lane and Nathan Bellingrud (Volume Two will appear later in the year); To Usher the Dead, a collection of Thomas Usher tales from that man McMahon; and,  Fade-Out by Gavin Salisbury.

In addition, I will continue to slot in a number of chapbooks… so, if you want to be in a with a chance then sign up to the mailing list and wait for that e-mail over the Christmas period!

In other news, I’ve signed up to attend Eastercon next year along with World Horror in Austin (of which there will be a significant development…) and FantasyCon of course – but that goes without saying.

2010 it must be said has been a pretty rough year, but then just about everyone has suffered so it’s not just me; in all honesty, I came very close to shutting up shop a month or so ago, but managed to secure some funding to at least help Pendragon hobble along. It also helped that dealers and customers have remained loyal which proves one that: there are readers out there, and they at least want to read the books which emerge from the Pendragon roster.

2010 also marks the tenth anniversary of being involved in the small press, though not continuously. I was hoping to at least be part-time by now, but then I have always been rather naive and rather dysfunctional when it comes to business and financial matters. I think what mostly matters is that Pendragon at least survives, just to put out great pieces of fiction to a growing number of customers. No-one is going to get rich, or employed for that matter in writing in the small press, but if what the books do make cover their expenses and royalty payments well I cannot really complain; I’ll continue to chain myself to this ‘ere ‘puter during the day and work the night-shift.

2011 and 2012? Who knows… apart from a bloody good list of authors and stories of course.

Have fun over the festive period, and remember to keep an eye out in your inbox… it could be you, and you too.


Posted by Chris on December 2, 2010 at 19:23
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With the recent bad weather, and the uncertainty of Paul Finch actually making it back to Wigan from London, it is unfortunate that Sparrowhawk will now not be launched at the BFS Open Night tomorrow night.

In light of this, if you were intending to attend tomorrow night to purchase a copy, then the price will remain at £7 for the rest of this month.

Paul has told me that he will be attending the BFS bash in Manchester on the Sunday night.