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Born Free

Posted by Chris on November 29, 2011 at 14:23
Posted in: Book News, General

What has the 60s film with the lovely Matt Monro song got to do with Pendragon Press? Nothing really…

2011 is drawing to a close… a month left and it must be said that this year has been full of ups and downs: unfortunately more downs. Probably my least favourite year in this ten years of publishing madness – again, in awe at fellow indie presses who have families, and the occasional folk who do this for a living: it has been tough.

As a consequence of this, I cannot afford to attend the British Fantasy Society Open Night in London in two weeks – which also means Visions Fading Fast (Volume One) won’t be launched at this event. It is though winging its way to the printer for a delivery date in the New Year. Initially it was decided that all 100 hardback copies would be signed by Gary McMahon (the editor) but unbeknownst to me the printer no longer inserts signing sheets (which makes things much easier on a purely logistical level for me). Therefore, only *pre-ordered* copies will be flat-signed by Gary – though all copies will be numbered.

Since I have many patient pre-orderers already (but still copies left…) of which I am extremely grateful, as I thank you to them I will post a copy of the next Pendragon chapbook free of charge.

The schedule for 2012 is yet to be finalised (yes, this may have been my least favourable year but I’m still hanging on in there… I told you this publishing lark is madness, but addictive!) but I will be posting it to the website before the year is actually out.

In other news, chapbook subscriptions are progressing well – and again very welcome – and the number of acceptances for Nasty Snips II is quite low. In fact, the number of submissions have been quite limited: remember, the closing date is end of January 2012 but if we don’t receive an influx soon then it may well be extended… I’m looking at an e-anthology of thirty-something stories.

As always, a big thank you to all past and present customers – it is because of good honest folk such has yourself (who don’t scream and shout asking where their book is…) that I continue onwards trying to get good writers out there into the open. I’ve now written that line, and this has crept into my mind: Matt Monro – Born Free.

Before I descend into more schmultz, hope you all have a happy Christmas/holiday and remember: a book is for life, not just an electronic file.


Posted by Chris on November 7, 2011 at 20:01
Posted in: Book News

Well, I suppose it was inevitable that Pendragon would need to embrace the new publishing revolution that is electronic books… though at the moment we’re only talking PDFs – in time, these will become full-blown and proper formatted mobi publications.

Just two chapbooks are available at the moment – with permission from the authors – and priced at the very reasonable £1 each.

More will be added in due course, all depending on whether or not the respective author wishes to pursue their own e-publishing deal of course.

Once the forthcoming e-only sequel to Nasty Snips is ready, then it will reside here.