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Visions Fading Fast: a review!

Posted by Chris on July 31, 2012 at 11:25
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

Courtesy of This is Horror – of which I must add a caveat to dispel any hint of nepotism considering the links between myself and the organisation and the reviewer.

Nevertheless, an absolutely cracking review… and if you do wish to purchase hardcover edition then perhaps the McMahahon Selection (under Special Deals) would be better value for you, the discernible reader?

McMahon writes about VFF

Posted by Chris on July 16, 2012 at 21:06
Posted in: Book News, General, Reviews

Over at This is Horror, Gary McMahon writes about this his second anthology has editor.

Unfortunately, there are no more signed copies left… but you can still have a numbered hardcover – and paperback of course (but the hardcovers are much, well, nicer to behold.)

… and, a review of Mark West’s The Mill (which originally appeared in We Fade to Grey). If like the reviewer you would prefer to read the story within a collection, then of course copies of the numbered/signed hardcover still available. :)

Kingston to Cable: first review

Posted by Chris on July 13, 2012 at 8:48
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

Just discovered the first review of Gary Greenwood’s latest short-novel, Kingston to Cable:

“Even if you don’t like the idea of westerns, I’d still recommend the book as one to pick up. 8/10”

EDIT: Actually, this is the first review – which I missed – courtesy of Jim @ Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Again, a damned fine review!

EDIT AGAIN: Bugger… now this is embarrassing… just discovered this review, from the Impossible Podcast – though this time, from an ARC as opposed to an actual finished copy.

Fade in October

Posted by Chris on July 6, 2012 at 19:00
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General

FantasyCon has always been a time to launch new books, and this year Pendragon has two: the first, previously stated, is the long-awaited Gary McMahon collection “To Usher the Dead”, the other is a debut novella that is quite different; a “slipstream”-style tale from Gavin Salisbury called “Fade Out”.

It’s a hard story to pigeon-hole which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed reading it so much; and I hope some of you also take a chance on it too.

To Usher… at last!

Posted by Chris on July 3, 2012 at 15:04
Posted in: Book News, General

Some of you may remember an announcement many years ago about a new short story collection from Gary McMahon – “To Usher, the Dead”. Well, I can finally say that yes, it is coming out, and to prove it you can pre-order with or without payment from the Books page.

Available has a limited numbered edition of 200 copies with only the first 100 signed by the author, this book will be launched at FantasyCon in Brighton where you may well witness Mr McMahon signing the actual copies first hand.

Due to the vagarious nature of independent publishing, I have decided to offer pre-ordering without payment since I still feel a sense of shame at how long Visions Fading Fast has taken so long to see print. With this in mind, if you do wish to pre-order with payment then you will also receive a 25% discount off your next Pendragon order.