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Pendragon Press is an award-winning, UK-based, independent publisher of horror and slipstream short fiction, novellas and novels.

"Pendragon Press is a small press that continues to refine, and go from strength to strength."
- SF Revu

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Founded in 2000, Pendragon Press has steadily grown to become one of the finest independent publishers of science fiction, horror and fantasy in the UK specialising in the novella length with occasional anthologies and novels.

This small but proud publisher is run by:

Christopher Teague
Founder/Publisher/Managing Editor
chris at pendragonpress dot net

Chris has been running Pendragon Press since its inception over ten years ago, and it could be argued that he is quite mad, but then he doesn’t have kids so what else is he going to spend his free-time on – apart from the occasional drug-fuelled orgy?

Anyway, after a decade of working alone and with the decision to re-open the submissions window, he is now ably assisted by:

Robert Spalding
Robert started reading when he was about 4 and hasn’t stopped. As a child, he was known to read the ingredients on the sauce bottle at dull dinner parties. He has been a parking attendant, civil servant and whilst as a student he did the obvious thing and worked in a bar. For a while he was the senior researcher for a short lived parenting magazine.

Robert has written short stories and comics for a few small press ventures in his time.

He blogs and occasionally posts flash fiction at
You can find him on twitter @robspalding

Ross Warren
Ross Warren is the editor of the 2011 anthology Dark Minds and the co-editor, with Anthony Watson, of the forthcoming Darker Minds. Along with Anthony he runs Dark Minds Press.

Ross has been a massive Stephen King fan since he found a copy of IT in a box of stuff his big sister was throwing out. The cover and first 30-odd pages were missing but over the course of the remaining 1000+ pages he was well and truly hooked.

A publican by trade he has had several supernatural encounters but then again these could be down to one too many pints of real ale.

Ross can be found at