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"Cash or card?"

Posted by Chris on July 7, 2015 at 21:18
Posted in: Conventions, General

This weekend at EdgeLit, this is what I'll be asking prospective customers in Derby – courtesy of a blue dongle connected to my 'phone. Don't worry, it is all perfectly legit.

From what I understand, the actual convention is almost sold out – which makes me and the authors not too mention the organiser, Alex Davis, happy. :)

In other news: checking the Gmail account for submissions and thus far there are 32 novellas vying for attention. A couple of names I recognise, mostly men, but not enough women. I'm a little embarrassed that Pendragon hasn't published many female writers, not that I believe in that old "affirmative action" nonsense, but if you're a female author with a novella on the dark side then you've still got time to send it in.


On the Edge

Posted by Chris on June 17, 2015 at 17:24
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General

With a little over three weeks (or just under a month) to go before Edge Lit4 in Derby (organised by the unflappable Alex Davis), I shall be there huddled behind my table, enticing those climbing the stairs to the various panel discussions to stop off for a brief moment.

I think this will be my third year at the day-long Convention and I have to say it has become quite a date to keep in your calendar if you're a fan of horror, fantasy or science fiction Рespecially if you're a new writer. This year, Alex has tried something different and each panel discussion is sponsored by a particular group Рin Pendragon's case, it is the opener "Into the Grimdark" with Mark Charan Newton, Sophie Sparham, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Adele Wearing. Many moons ago, I published Mark's debut novel The Reef (long since out of date, but Mark did release an ebook Рwell worth downloading, but then I am biased!)

I was hoping to launch a new title on the day РPaul Kane's Dalton Quayle follow-up to Rides Out entitled "and the Bric-a-Brac Man" Рbut there has been a delay with the cover art, so this will more than likely be pushed back to FantasyCon in October, launched alongside Stephen Bacon and Mark West's double-novella collection, The Lost Film. Both books will be a signed, limited edition of 100 paperbacks with an ebook to follow. You can pre-order Paul's book now, with details of Stephen and Mark's to follow.

If you've never been to FCon, then I urge you to dip your toes with Edge Lit first – Conventions are a curious and expensive beast, and best to spend a day first than a weekend away.

In other news, the recent free giveaway for Stuart Young's new ebook collection was Pendragon's most successful yet, and the price is now at the usual £1.99 on Amazon Рif you have grabbed yourself a copy, then all I ask Рif you are so inclined Рis to jot a couple of words on the book's Goodreads page. Thank you.

And this is, as they say, a rap for this month. Hopefully see some of you in Derby next month!

Posted by Chris on September 10, 2014 at 17:22
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General

Well, returned from another excellent weekend at FantasyCon in York. I don't write reports any more since I invariably spend most of my time in the dealer's room so take a gander at Mark West and Jim Mcleod's musings on the weekend for a full-rundown which echoes my own thoughts.

Sadly though (and very similar to what happened last year at World Fantasy in Brighton when Joel Lane died a couple of days later) it was reported that Graham Joyce, one of the nicest people you could possibly meet, died from cancer. It has dampened the general positivity that is post-Convention smiles but the outpouring of love and memories on social media just cements how well liked Graham was by fans, writers and publishers alike. He will be missed, but next year we will all drink to his memory for Graham rarely if ever missed a Fantasycon.

Time though does march on…

Back from FCon with signed bookplates for Neil Williams' The Derelict and pre-ordered copies packed up and en route to their respective destinations. The ebook will go into production at the end of the month for a publication later in October.

See you soon!

Posted by Chris on September 4, 2014 at 8:38
Posted in: Conventions, General

If you're in York, see you this weekend otherwise Pendragon re-opens on Monday 8th September – although to be on the safe side, probably 9th.


Posted by Chris on July 30, 2014 at 18:14
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General

Proofed and with the bookplates all signed, Mark West's DRIVE is in production and should be with me any day now, with the ebook due to enter production following…

Neil Wiliams' THE DERELICT is on track for a FantasyCon launch and has just received a superb quote from William Meikle, "… a spooky nautical tale worthy of William Hope Hodgson himself. Atmospheric and genuinely chilling. I loved it."

Closing the year, I'm hoping to launch Stuart Young's collection REFLECTIONS IN THE MIND'S EYE in London in December.

Talking of FantasyCon, Pendragon shall be there in the dealer's room albeit with a limited number of titles – no driving this year, I shall be allowing the train take the strain. Arriving on Thursday and staying until the Monday, looking forward to spending a day or two wandering around York.

Just to re-iterate the special offer in the previous post: any hard cover purchased between now and FantasyCon (which gives you a month) will net not just the hardback itself but also a copy of Mark, Neil and Stuart's books.

In other news, it is more than likely that Uther Books will be launched next year. Taking the form of a new imprint for electronic-only chapbooks, open to all for download to your Kindle and any other device you can think of. Still thrashing out the finer details, but watch this space.

Dereliction of Duty

Posted by Chris on June 23, 2014 at 20:20
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General

Well, not quite, but when you lose a steady Internet connection for nigh on two months it does tend to set you back a little…

I'm hoping with luck and fortitude to have DRIVE ready for launch at Edge-Lit in Derby next month – purely because I know Mark will definitely be there.

In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on the final wraparound cover design courtesy of Neil Williams for his own novella ("The Derelict") which – along with Stuart Young's Reflections in the Mind's Eye – will be launched at FantasyCon in York.

Brighton bites!

Posted by Chris on November 11, 2013 at 16:56
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General, Reviews

Well, this time last Sunday I was winding down from the whirlwind that was World Fantasy in sunny (!) Brighton. A full-on weekend which also included a trip into Eastbourne to collect two books that were to be launched during the event: "Fade-Out" and "Bite".

This year, I promised myself that I would not be sitting behind a dealer's table. This year I would put my money behind a single launch event and then have time to meet up with folk… but the lure of the dealer's table was too strong and yes, you've guessed it, I spent the vast majority of the days sat behind Steve Upham's Screaming Dreams' table – well, apart from the Friday dash to Eastbourne to pick up said books.

In fact, special praise must go to Gard Goldsmith for doing a sterling job in selling "Bite" – the man is just a force of nature! If you haven't pre-ordered or picked up a copy last weekend then Gard signed a handful of extra copies and if you're quick then you can nab one. To whet your appetite, the first review has already been posted here.

Now that the WFC dust has settled, work has continued on with John Probert's collection of film essays ("Little Book of House of Mortal Cinema") which will include some very special illustrations courtesy of Mr Upham.

In other news, the submissions window could well be re-opening soon…

What's new?

Posted by Chris on October 3, 2013 at 19:44
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General

Well, it has been almost four months since the last update… so what's been happening in Pendragon Towers? Well, I haven't died… yet. Just resting.

I can't believe though that World Fantasy Convention in Brighton is a scant four weeks away – when did this creep up on me?

If you are going, then pop along to the Atomic Dragon Brunch on the Friday morning where I (alongside the proprietor of Atomic Fez, Mr Ian Alexander Martin – who will be there in spirit) plan to launch "Sleepless Knights" by Mark Williams (from Fez) alongside "Bite" by Gardner Goldsmith and "Fade-Out" by Gavin Salisbury (from myself). It was planned to launch the upcoming John Llewellyn Probert first non-fiction collection, "The Little Book of House of Mortal Coil" but we have special plans afoot to create a film book with some pretty unique images to accompany most if not all of the films reviewed. Anyway, this will be launched later in the year… either Cardiff or London.

In fact, the weekend before WFC I shall also be at Scardiff and hopefully Gard to promote "Bite" – this should be fun.

As you can probably see, the pre-order page for "Bite" is now online and for the respectable price of a penny under £5 Рall pre-ordered copies will be signed by Gard and Ben Baldwin (the artist) if I can grab him in Brighton.

In other news: I think it is pretty much safe to say that the much-fabled "Nasty Snips Project" is on indefinite hiatus. This effectively means that all accepted authors are free to submit their tales anywhere else, if they haven't done so already. I do plan on publishing NSP – and I do have grand plans for it – but I need to think things through just a little bit more…

… and finally: until further notice, any one who purchases a copy of the Maginn/Fry collection, "Feral Companions" will also receive a copy of Gardner Goldsmith's "Bite". Yes, I have officially gone mad. And both for ¬£10…? Of course.


Posted by Chris on June 13, 2013 at 20:27
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General

Just to remind you that this Saturday I will be making the journey north to Wolverhampton to attend the one-day convention, Futura.

It's a new event, but if you're someone branching out into writing and/or wondering what all these conventions are on about, then I'd definitely recommend you give it a whirl.

Not only will I be in the book dealing area, but also on a panel at 3pm: Independent publishing in science-fiction.

Look forward to seeing you there.

For Your Consideration

Posted by Chris on February 7, 2013 at 21:24
Posted in: Book News, Conventions

Despite the fact I personally screwed up last year, there are still two Pendragon titles worthy of your consideration for the British Fantasy Awards:

Best Anthology
Visions Fading Fast, ed. Gary McMahon

Best Collection
To Usher, the Dead by Gary McMahon

Best Artist
Tomislav Tikulin (for VFF)
Paul Mudie (for Usher)

… and from Visions Fading Fast, the five individual tales are also eligible for the Best Novella category:

"Blues before Sunrise" by Joel Lane
"Wild Acre" by Nathan Ballingrud
"Dancer in the Dark" by Reggie Oliver
"The History Thief" by Kaaron Warren
"Night Closures" by Paul Meloy

I thank you.

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