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Packing and Special Offer

Posted by Chris on July 17, 2014 at 14:55
Posted in: Book News, General

Sorting out the ol’ convention sack for EdgeLit in Derby this weekend where I will “theoretically” by launching Mark West’s new novella Drive. Alas, no actual copies will be on sale – except for the proof copy – but Mark will be busy signing the bookplates for the actual books when they rush off the printer.

Further to this… any hardback purchased between now and the publication of Stuart’s collection (scheduled for FantasyCon in September) will net the buyer a copy of Mark’s novella, Stuart’s collection and Neil Williams’ debut novella The Derelict.

Hope to see some of you in Derby this Saturday on what is forecast to be the hottest and wettest day of the year.

What’s new?

Posted by Chris on October 3, 2013 at 19:44
Posted in: Book News, Conventions, General

Well, it has been almost four months since the last update… so what’s been happening in Pendragon Towers? Well, I haven’t died… yet. Just resting.

I can’t believe though that World Fantasy Convention in Brighton is a scant four weeks away – when did this creep up on me?

If you are going, then pop along to the Atomic Dragon Brunch on the Friday morning where I (alongside the proprietor of Atomic Fez, Mr Ian Alexander Martin – who will be there in spirit) plan to launch “Sleepless Knights” by Mark Williams (from Fez) alongside “Bite” by Gardner Goldsmith and “Fade-Out” by Gavin Salisbury (from myself). It was planned to launch the upcoming John Llewellyn Probert first non-fiction collection, “The Little Book of House of Mortal Coil” but we have special plans afoot to create a film book with some pretty unique images to accompany most if not all of the films reviewed. Anyway, this will be launched later in the year… either Cardiff or London.

In fact, the weekend before WFC I shall also be at Scardiff and hopefully Gard to promote “Bite” – this should be fun.

As you can probably see, the pre-order page for “Bite” is now online and for the respectable price of a penny under ¬£5 – all pre-ordered copies will be signed by Gard and Ben Baldwin (the artist) if I can grab him in Brighton.

In other news: I think it is pretty much safe to say that the much-fabled “Nasty Snips Project” is on indefinite hiatus. This effectively means that all accepted authors are free to submit their tales anywhere else, if they haven’t done so already. I do plan on publishing NSP – and I do have grand plans for it – but I need to think things through just a little bit more…

… and finally: until further notice, any one who purchases a copy of the Maginn/Fry collection, “Feral Companions” will also receive a copy of Gardner Goldsmith’s “Bite”. Yes, I have officially gone mad. And both for ¬£10…? Of course.

Hardcover blow-out

Posted by Chris on December 3, 2012 at 15:40
Posted in: Book News, General

From now until the end of the year, prices for the remaining stock of Silversands, Feral Companions and We Fade to Grey hardcovers have been reduced.

Though the latter two are signed, the signed copies of Silversands have long since sold out.

In other news, a Review of 2012 is forthcoming…

A ferally good review

Posted by Chris on June 10, 2012 at 19:51
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

I do apologise for such an awful pun, and I should have resisted, but I’m weak…

Anyway, from those bods over at the Horrifically Horrifying Horror blog, a rather splendid review of Feral Companions by Simon Maginn and Gary Fry.

You give me a fiver…

Posted by Chris on June 15, 2011 at 15:35
Posted in: Book News, General

… and I will send you a copy of Feral Companions, the limited signed hardback novella collection by Simon Maginn and Gary Fry. But, only the first ten people, though.

Be quick or be dead… well, not literally of course.

£5 to me via Paypal at chris at pendragonpress dot co dot uk.

British Fantasy Awards 2011 – Nominations

Posted by Chris on February 14, 2011 at 21:55
Posted in: Awards, Book News

… if anyone is inclined, and you have until midnight tonight, there are a number of PP titles eligible from last year:

Best Novel

Silversands by Gareth L Powell

Sparrowhawk by Paul Finch

The Places Between by Terry Grimwood

Best Novella

Rattus by Simon Maginn

The Invisible Architect of Psychopathy by Gary Fry

The Red House by David J Thacker

Best Artist

Vincent Chong for Silversands

Steve Upham for Feral Companions and The Red House; James Higgins for Sparrowhawk

Ben Baldwin for The Places Between

With regard to the three novels, they could technically be considered novellas since they are long novellas.

Make Room, Make Room!

Posted by Chris on January 27, 2011 at 18:16
Posted in: Book News, General

Visiting my lock-up earlier this week, and noticed that I’m running out of space… therefore, I’ve decided to reduce the cost of a three titles which really must be read, and this in addition affects the bundled prices in the Special Offer pages (so even more savings):

Feral Companions can now be yours for the low price of ¬£9.99 – that’s a signed, limited PPC hardback from Simon Maginn and Gary Fry!

New Writings in the Fantastic edited by John Grant, a huge paperback anthology of sf, fantasy and horror, and yours for £7.99 Р400 pages!

We Fade to Grey edited by Gary McMahon, the limited PPC hardcover signed by all contributors, and yours for £9.99!

Do I need to say any more? Well, apart from the fact that I need to make room and to do that you need to give up some of your shelf space… go on…

FCon Publication Update

Posted by Chris on August 4, 2010 at 7:42
Posted in: Book News, Conventions

With a scant month to go, the original big launch at the FantasyCon weekend was to be Gary Greenwood’s Kingston to Cable – after some deliberation due in no small part to financial constrants, this will be now pushed forward into October which frees up space and resources to reduce the Triquorum publication pile. Not sure if anyone remembers, but I’ve decided to turn each individual acceptance into a single chapbook publication, and come September you will be able to check out Simon Bestwick’s Angel of the Silences along with The Legend of False Dreaming by Toiya Kristen Finlay.

Apart from those two, I’ve also brought forward Terry Grimwood’s debut novella The Places Between which I’ve been meaning to publish for ages – not just for the story, but also the superb cover art by Ben Baldwin (click on the thumbnail for the full-size):

Pre-ordering details will be added swiftly.

In addition, the winner of the July free book giveaway is Tara Noble also from across the Pond – she wins a copy of Feral Companions; at the end of this month, one lucky winner will receive a copy of New Writings in the Fantastic.

On a closing note, and something which I briefly touched upon earlier, it must be said this year so far has been tough; always thankful to all the loyal customers who have continued to purchase books. Despite these tough times, I am looking to the future and with a little luck October will see one or two changes – moreso in an effort to offer more for your hard-earned.

If you’re reading this, and you have any comments or insights into what you would like to read, then please do get in touch: always welcome feedback, since it does feel at times to be working within a vacuum, with little interaction apart from the occasional Convention.

Anyway, enough of my warbling; keep checking the site, and if you are at FCon then tap me on the shoulder and if I’m close to the bar then I’ll buy you a drink (of course, if a hundred of you turn up then I may have to ration it slightly…)

(By the way, been meaning to add this… Pendragon Press does have a group page on Facebook, if you’re interested of course!)

Feral Companions: first review

Posted by Chris on April 9, 2010 at 18:31
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

Courtesy of the esteemed Peter Tennent in the current issue of Black Static.

On Simon Maginn’s Rattus:

“… a painstaking account of somebody‚Äôs life and mental health going down the crapper… [with] an ending that is subtle and suggestive […] and all the more powerful for that.”

On Gary Fry’s The Invisible Architect of Psychopathy:

“… reads like a fusion of Crime and Punishment and Walter Mitty… a polished performance from a writer who is growing in stature with each new outing.”

Remember: one day left to order the Feral/Silversands bundle before the slight price increase….

Things to do in Brighton… #24

Posted by Chris on March 15, 2010 at 20:38
Posted in: Conventions, General

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