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Packing and Special Offer

Posted by Chris on July 17, 2014 at 14:55
Posted in: Book News, General

Sorting out the ol’ convention sack for EdgeLit in Derby this weekend where I will “theoretically” by launching Mark West’s new novella Drive. Alas, no actual copies will be on sale – except for the proof copy – but Mark will be busy signing the bookplates for the actual books when they rush off the printer.

Further to this… any hardback purchased between now and the publication of Stuart’s collection (scheduled for FantasyCon in September) will net the buyer a copy of Mark’s novella, Stuart’s collection and Neil Williams’ debut novella The Derelict.

Hope to see some of you in Derby this Saturday on what is forecast to be the hottest and wettest day of the year.

Hardcover blow-out

Posted by Chris on December 3, 2012 at 15:40
Posted in: Book News, General

From now until the end of the year, prices for the remaining stock of Silversands, Feral Companions and We Fade to Grey hardcovers have been reduced.

Though the latter two are signed, the signed copies of Silversands have long since sold out.

In other news, a Review of 2012 is forthcoming…

McMahon writes about VFF

Posted by Chris on July 16, 2012 at 21:06
Posted in: Book News, General, Reviews

Over at This is Horror, Gary McMahon writes about this his second anthology has editor.

Unfortunately, there are no more signed copies left… but you can still have a numbered hardcover – and paperback of course (but the hardcovers are much, well, nicer to behold.)

… and, a review of Mark West’s The Mill (which originally appeared in We Fade to Grey). If like the reviewer you would prefer to read the story within a collection, then of course copies of the numbered/signed hardcover still available. :)

The Places Between: reviews which slipped through…

Posted by Chris on June 12, 2011 at 15:59
Posted in: Book News, Reviews

Simon did tell me, but my memory has more leaks in it than a colander with very large holes. Anyway, this is his review of Terry Grimwood’s fabulous debut novella which is also long-listed for the British Fantasy Novella Award.

In addition, a review by Nathaniel Tapley of In the Gloaming who rather liked We Fade to Grey:

“The collection as a whole feels, in the best possible way, grim. No one gets out of it alive. Or at least, if they do, they’re bleeding heavily. . . This is British horror, and a great book, from an exciting small press.”

And, another review of We Fade to Grey from Matthew Fryer:

“[S]ets the bar high from the off and doesn’t pause for breath. . . All five authors weave genuine human pathos with blood and don’t then go and spoil everything with a happy ending. Brilliant. Grab one while you can.”

(. . . and it is also available has a limited edition, signed by all contributors.)

Make Room, Make Room!

Posted by Chris on January 27, 2011 at 18:16
Posted in: Book News, General

Visiting my lock-up earlier this week, and noticed that I’m running out of space… therefore, I’ve decided to reduce the cost of a three titles which really must be read, and this in addition affects the bundled prices in the Special Offer pages (so even more savings):

Feral Companions can now be yours for the low price of £9.99 – that’s a signed, limited PPC hardback from Simon Maginn and Gary Fry!

New Writings in the Fantastic edited by John Grant, a huge paperback anthology of sf, fantasy and horror, and yours for £7.99 – 400 pages!

We Fade to Grey edited by Gary McMahon, the limited PPC hardcover signed by all contributors, and yours for £9.99!

Do I need to say any more? Well, apart from the fact that I need to make room and to do that you need to give up some of your shelf space… go on…

Chapbooks ago-go

Posted by Chris on January 13, 2011 at 20:32
Posted in: Book News, General

You may have noticed that I have uploaded the new cover image for Simon Bestwick’s new chapbook – well, it is finally about to go to print, and the same designer (Neil Williams who did such stunning work on Gary McMahon’s chapbook “What they hear in the dark” for Spectral Press) is also working on Toiya Kristen Finlay’s The Legend of False Dreaming.

If this is the standard of work, then I foresee a string a books with a Neil Williams’ credit.

Again, you can pre-order this for just £3… or, if you’d like to order a copy of the limited hardback of We Fade to Grey (which features Simon’s Ellen Datlow-selected story “The Narrows”) then you will receive a copy gratis!

In addition, anyone who orders a copy of New Writings in the Fantastic, will also receive a free copy of Toiya Kristen Finlay’s chapbook.

Bestwick Cheer!

Posted by Chris on April 28, 2009 at 20:27
Posted in: Awards, Book News

From Simon Bestwick:

I heard this morning from Ellen Datlow. She’s selected “The Narrows” for her Best Horror of the Year 2008 anthology.

Just scroll down a little and you can read said novelette/novella (which is also one of three long-listed in the novella category for the British Fantasy Award).


Do you have an issuu?

Posted by Chris on April 9, 2009 at 20:50
Posted in: Awards, Book News

I’ve only recently dabbled with this new site, so hopefully this link’ll work, but click here to view the special edition of We Fade to Grey in Issuu format. Any problems, you know where I am…

Well, it didn’t work… so I took each individual novella and converted them individually to Issuu:


The Mill

The Narrows

These files will be deleted once voting is completed. Enjoy. :)

The BFA 2009 Long-List

Posted by Chris on April 3, 2009 at 19:45
Posted in: Awards, Book News, Conventions

Click here for more information, but I’m very pleased to see that PP has amassed a clutch of nominations:

Best Anthology
We Fade to Grey, ed. Gary McMahon

The PS Small Press Award
Pendragon Press

Best Novella
Heads by Gary McMahon
The Mill by Mark West
The Narrows by Simon Bestwick
(all from We Fade to Grey)

Slightly disappointed that The Reef didn’t make the list, but there’s still time for a quick nomination before the short-list is announced. Not that I’m hedging my bets, of course…

Anyway, whatever the result, I shall still be in Nottingham in September for FantasyCon: will you?

EDIT: Right click and save the following link to download a special edition of the three novellas within We Fade to Grey that are eligible for the award. This file will be available now until the voting closes – enjoy, and don’t forget that these stories are protected by copyright.

Also, as an aside, if any member of the BFS Committee are reading this… can I suggest Mark Charan Newton has a possible contender for this year’s Sydney J Bound Best Newcomer award?

Good luck to all on the list…. :)

Before Cthulhumas…

Posted by Chris on December 18, 2008 at 21:07
Posted in: Uncategorized

… a term which I’ve seen sprinkled across the interweb (notably on Gary Greenwood’s blog and PS’s new-site) I’ve just realised that the BFS are inviting recommendations for the award’s long-list next year – from now until end of January 2009. Such recommendations are open, but only members of the society and/or FantasyCon can actually vote.

Therefore, in an attempt at self-promotion, the following Pendragon titles are eligible for recommendation:

Best Novel (the August Derleth Award)
The Reef by Mark Charan Newton

Best Short Fiction
Late Runners by Gary McMahon
Nothing is Forever by Stuart Young

Best Novella
Gingerbread by Paul Finch and Brian Finch
The Mill by Mark West
Heads by Gary McMahon
Bliss by Stuart Young
The Narrows by Simon Bestwick
The Pumping Station by Paul Finch

Best Anthology

We Fade to Grey ed. Gary McMahon
Gingerbread: The Fantasy2008 Pendragon Sampler ed. Christopher C Teague

Best Artist
Darius Hicks
Mark West

Best Small Press

Looking at this list, it does seem like I’m a fully paid-up member of the Finch/McMahon/Young fan-club but hey! I can’t help but use writers I like. :)

Anyway, I’d be pretty damn ecstatic if The Reef and We Fade to Grey win their respective awards… but the field is pretty damn open this year…

In other news, visited the Big Smoke earlier this month for the BFS Christmas Open Night and had a blast – as usual; took a couple of shots, though not a lot since I neglected to bring any spare batteries:





Also met a few bods from the SFX Forum which was an unexpected surprise.

Anyway, enough for now… have a splendid festivities – regardless of your indoctrination – and I shall see you back you in January with Triquorum all rearing to go…

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